DermLite Cam® Firmware Updates

Here is how to update the firmware of your DermLite Cam:
  1. Download & open the compressedfirmware file ( on your computer by double clicking on the file.
  2. Copy the two folders contained in the compressed file onto your SD Card.
    NOTE: The two folders should be copied to the base directory of your SD card:
  3. Insert the SD Card into your DLCam.
  4. Power on DLCam by holding down power button.
  5. A screen will appear briefly saying that the update is in progress. Shortly after, a screen will say update is complete.
  6. Power off camera, remove SD Card.
  7. Delete UPDATE and UPDATE_V2 folders from SD Card using your computer.
NOTE: Failure to delete UPDATE folder(s) from SD Card before using camera again may result in DLCam trying to update firmware again.