It's easy to magnetically attach any DermLite DL1, DL2, DL200, DL3, DL3N, DL4, or Foto X to any smartphone, iPad or tablet.

For all iPhone models and certain iPads, Samsung Galaxy S3-S9 models, we make special cases ("Connection Kits") that are specific to your device and either slide over or snap to your phone or tablet. They come with a built-in magnet compatible with your DermLite. These cases replace your own protective case.

For the ultimate in compatibility, use our new MagnetiConnect® Kit, which works on virtually any smartphone or tablet. Simply stick a ring to your smartphone, tablet, even on your own case (if it's hard plastic), and a simple magnetic adapter will connect it to your DermLite.

Or, if you wish use a DermLite on various phones throughout the week, use our Universal Smartphone Adapter which quickly clamps to any smartphone.