A Feast for the Eyes

August 26, 2013

Dr. Diane Thaler, Dermatologist (Madison, Wisconsin) writes: "What can I say... the Dermlite is great fun. A feast for the eyes. It is the only "toy" that I have (besides my Mavica), not having the Dermascope/Lasers/Palm pilots, etc...

The Dermlite has made the "mole check" of any patient visit a trip to a museum. Nevi have become works of art.

And for a non gadget person, how easy to use.The design makes intuitive sense. I even got the batteries in without looking at the directions! :-) Personally, I like the "non medical instrument" look and feel of it. And then when you hand it to a patient to look at their own lentigo or nevus it is as if you gave them a VW bug to drive, but with a 300 HP motor. A big surprise. What fun.

This counts as the "esthetic" evaluation... I am sure other [doctors] will evaluate other parameters."