Early Detection

March 11, 2016

A DermLite user writes: "This is J Marshall Knox M.D., the dermatologist on Maui that you sold a Lumio S . . . as the Maui dermatology meeting was ending. When I picked up the DermLite, I randomly picked out a 2 mm regular medium brown freckle on my left forearm to evaluate the optics. The optics were excellent and picked up some tiny flecks of black pigment that were not visible to the naked eye.  Three dermatologists thought it would be a pigmented basal cell. My wife and later my nurse did not see anything different from the other freckles on my arm. I'm pretty sure I also showed you the lesion as well. The biopsy actually revealed a severely atypical compound nevus that required a wider excision as if it was a melanoma in situ. If you had not suggested that I look at the magnifier, the lesion would have probably progressed into a melanoma by the time it was clinically visible.
Thank you!"