Lumio® S (Show Price)

Simply, more.

Lumio®S opens a new era in skin diagnostics. With its superb 40 mm lens producing 4x magnification, this convenient screening device hits the sweet spot between large-area, low magnification viewers and the close quarters of a dermoscopic image. Its larger operating distance allows for tool use under magnification for more precise lesion boundary marking or procedures.

See how Lumio S can help with more precise basal cell carcinoma surgery

In fact, Lumio S lets you see an area that is 4 times larger than what your dermatoscope provides, while showing lesion structures invisible to the naked eye. Simply push & hold to turn on the device, quick-tap to change between two sets of polarized and non-polarized LEDs.

The minimalist design of Lumio S is even more functional than simply cool. A clean, elegant exterior with only a single USB jack is much easier to keep clean between patients, its ergonomic soft-touch body provides a comfortable, secure grip, and its genuine Corning®Gorilla®Glass top and bottom surfaces are extremely strong and scratch-resistant.

Lumio S may be charged from any USB power source using the included USB cable.


Key features:

  • Polarized & non-polarized

  • 40 mm 4x lens for a larger field-of-view

  • Larger distance from skin allows room for precisely marking lesion margins

  • Great for general dermatology and initial skin cancer screening

  • Charge via USB

Directions for Use (Current product, 270 kb PDF)

Directions for Use (2012-2013 product, 2 MB PDF)