Over the past 20 years,
we have transformed dermatology together,
and we thank you for working with us.

As a special thanks,
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We were first to put polarized dermoscopy in your pocket.

Because you work better, faster, easier.

Then, we put contact & non-contact dermoscopy into one amazingly versatile design.

So that you can work the way you prefer – even with a camera.

Your research inspired us to create the first
polarized & non-polarized dermatoscope.

Because you wanted to see the best of both worlds.

We even enabled dermoscopy with the DermLite and smartphone you already own.

Because why not make the most of what you already use?

We put the Gold Standard into dermoscopy. And silver :)

Because multi-expert consensus rules!

We offer the only infection control in pocket dermoscopy.

Because it's the right thing to do. For you & your patient.

You asked and we are building the highest quality dermoscopy lens for any Canon or Nikon SLR.

Because we know how.

We even built a small contact plate.

This way, fewer places remain out of reach.

We host amazing dermoscopy battles.

Because it's fun!

We provide personal, world-class service.

Because we love making you happy :)

We look forward to building the future of dermoscopy with you.