DermLite DL1 basic (Show Price)

Mole Monitoring for Your Patients

The DermLite DL1 basic is a simple-to-use system that enables patients to monitor moles and skin lesions at home and send DermLite-quality images to you for review. Finally, you can offer a solution to your high-risk patients or those with a family history of melanoma, or even those who have a lesion of concern and are unable to see you in person. A simple piece of hardware, your patient's smartphone and an optional iOS app is all it takes.

The Hardware

The DermLite DL1 basic device, a development of the proven DermLite DL1 dermatoscope for smartphones, enables patients to capture crystal-clear, polarized dermoscopic images of both pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions. The unit includes a polarized spacer and glass faceplate,  a standard USB cable for charging, and the mobile device adapter of choice. 

The App

DermLite DL1 basic has been designed to work seamlessly with the DermLite iOS app available at the App Store. An Android version is not yet available, but rest assured that no special app is required for patients to capture great dermoscopic images with their Android phone and DermLite DL1 basic device. The app lets a patient capture dermoscopic photos, assign a localization on a virtual mannequin, and email images to a dermatologist. Patients may even store up to 100 images on a secure cloud server free of charge.



How to Get Your Patients Started

Since the DL1 basic can be used with certain mobile devices only (iPhone 4 and up, Samsung Galaxy S series, iPad), knowing your patient's device is essential. Once you have determined that your patient has a compatible device at their disposal, provide them with a DermLite DL1 basic and correct Connection Kit designed for their mobile device, and walk them through the basics of using the equipment: Turn on the device, take a dermoscopic image with skin contact, take a clinical image from a distance (without DermLite).
If your patient has an Apple device, patients should download the DermLite app (unfortunately, we do not currently offer an Android version), which is simple and intuitive. If you have the app installed on your device, you might want to walk them through the simple steps of taking a photo, assigning an anatomic site using the virtual mannequin, and emailing the photo. Or, simply have them watch the video below.

Directions for Use (769KB PDF)